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I love playing with Papers, wires, flowers and Ribbons! These have a lead to making anything from hats and crowns to Headbands and Hairclips.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to "Marla's Madness"


Hi! Shell here. Welcome to my new little blog. "Marla's Madness". Marla, as you may already know,is one of my Mannequin heads who generally acts as a model for me.
 This blog is just about hats, crowns and other headwear. I'll be posting "finds" I'll use to incorporate into hats, suppliers, "wearers", etc.

So, if you're into hats, headwear and crowns, welcome! It's been a learn as I go process and having fun trying new techniques and using new materials........

Check back once in a while and see what I've been up to!
Thanks for stopping by!

This crazy Easter Bonnet was what started the whole thing last Spring! It lasted on my head a whole 5 minutes while I was judging the Easter Bonnet Contest....

Then, I just kept going,,,,,,,,and going......

Oh! Old Camera, First Crown and Shell just learning how to Blog,,,I sold this to ...someone???

Funky Crown for a Sweet 16 for Jessie Girl!

Crown for Amy's Birthday Last Summer.....

Oh Geesh, I forgot about these! Last Fall........

This was the first one I made starting to twist wires to form the friend Stephanie nabbed it the first day I put it on a Christmas Tree in Joyworks!

And lately starting the whole headband thing......

Next week, I'm going to try my hand at hair combs and clips for a Hair Show my stylist has coming up!



  1. Fun Fun is this new site! Love what you have posted so far. I think you will enjoy having this site and the name is prefect.

  2. Hi Shelly! Who doesn't love a crown ... or tiara? Do they not make us feel more princess like?
    I wish your new blog radiant success!! :)

  3. Oh Shell - I love the idea of a blog that is entirely devoted to your creations - what a fabulous idea! You are going to have a great time posting here - can't wait to see all that you show us!



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